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Movies on a Big Screen at The GuildSacramento, CA, United States


Sunday, September 18, 2011, 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Movies on a Big Screen at The Guild, 2828 35th St, Sacramento, CA 95817
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Hosted by nationally syndicated late night horror host, Cinema Insomnia's Mr. Lobo!

Since last week was Star Trek, we decided to balance things out with the legendarily horrible Italian Star Wars rip-off!

The story begins "familiarly" enough, with a huge spaceship tracking through an extremely colorful space scene while under attack by some kind of unknown and deadly lava lamp wax? Being no match for the '60s acid-flashback rays, the ship's passengers manage to jettison a few escape pods just before being blown to kingdom come. Then, moving to the other end of the galaxy, we find the best smugglers in town -- gorgeous Stella Star (Caroline Munro) and space-pimp Akton (Marjoe Gortner) -- outrunning a band of cops on their tail. Eventually, they're caught and sentenced to intense Labor Camps, where Stella gets to change into a skimpy outfit. A break-out ensues, and in the "intense" laser shoot-out, Stella manages to escape, only to be captured again by the semi-green-skinned Thor (Robert Tessier) and his annoying southern-drawled robot, Elle (voiced by genre veteran Hamilton Camp).

Brought in front of the Emperor of the Galaxy (Christopher Plummer) and reunited with Akton, the sexy duo find themselves suddenly in charge of finding Prince Simon (David Hasselhoff). Thus begins the heroes' "amazing" adventure through space and time as they search for Prince Simon and end up fighting Amazons, Cavemen, and the Evil Count Zarth Arn (Joe Spinell) along the way.

You will be stunned. Oh yes. Stunned.

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